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Welcoming you home across the GTA

H&R Property management has been in the rental industry since the 50s. For three generations we've been involved in the business from the ground up - not just managing, but also in the construction of our rental communities.
Having been involved in the process from the very beginning, from selecting locations and investing quality and craftsmanship into the construction, H&R has been able to maintain and incorporate high standards into each of our 28 buildings. While other arms of the company continue to build new real estate products across the GTA, H&R Property Management continues to keep their rental communities modern and well-maintained. With pro-active management and an interest in adopting new technology and innovations, H&R Property Management's buildings are setting the bar high in the rental industry.


To ensure our resident satisfaction, buildings are all kept in exceptional condition. By being proactive, H&R has always made it a practice to upgrade, replace and renovate at the first sign of a problem, not as it becomes urgently necessary. In the long run it ensures resident comfort, keeps the building running smoothly and shows a true sense of pride and appreciation for these buildings.

Outside view of the Building Rental Unit at 20 Fontenay Court
Outside view of the Building Rental Unit at 20 Fontenay Court


At H&R we’re not just about the buildings, the suites and the technology. H&R has a firm understanding that the rental industry is first, and foremost, about the people who live in the buildings and the people who work to make these buildings great homes. H&R makes a point of ensuring resident satisfaction and reaches out to each resident at least once a year. We want to ensure things like N1 notices for rent increases are understood and we want to make sure that any issues the residents may have are aired. We also just want to stay connected to the residents and enhance a sense of community instead of a separation between management and resident.


Resident satisfaction is high – over a third of new residents are through referrals from current residents. With buildings spread from east to west across the GTA, H&R helps residents needing to relocate within the city, from one of their buildings to another. Residents enjoy the quality, high standards, exceptional maintenance and warm customer service.

The leasing managers and superintendents aren’t just ‘the staff’, they treat residents as their neighbours and friends. In fact, most superintendents have been with their buildings a decade or two – and the few that have left or moved have received warm send-offs and left big shoes to fill. From resident appreciation events to holiday decorations and celebrations, they develop more than just a place to live, they create wonderful places to call home.

Outside view of the Building Rental Unit at 39 Richview Rd

With locations across the city there is a community and a suite that will be easy to call home.