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Apartments for Rent in Etobicoke

Our Rental Communities in Etobicoke, the City with Heart.

For those looking to enjoy the hustle and bustle of life in the big city without the crowding and cramping, Etobicoke offers the perfect solution. Enjoy all the diversity of Toronto, but with a lower than average population density. At H & R Property Management, we are proud to offer a selection of rental apartments in Etobicoke, a sprawling suburban area in beautiful Toronto.

Front View of the Building at Rental Unit at 135 Stephen Drive.
"Apartments for Rent in Etobicoke"

Etobicoke History: At A Glance

Etobicoke find its origins in the 1790s, right in the middle of a large European immigration. It grew from a township, into a borough, into a city, and then into a dissolved municipality aligned with Toronto. The area’s unique name is derived a word meaning “the place where the alders grow” in the language of the Mississaugas. Etobicoke officially joined with Metropolitan Toronto and other nearby municipalities to form the amalgamated city of Toronto.

The Upside to Etobicoke

Unlike some of the more packed areas of Toronto, Etobicoke enjoys larger main streets, numerous shopping malls, various family-friendly cul-de-sac housing developments, and lower population density than Central Toronto. Even with all the growth Etobicoke has enjoyed in the last few decades, it still remains primarily a suburban development perfect for families looking for Etobicoke apartment rentals.

In addition to the comfortable surroundings, Etobicoke is home to numerous parks with streams, rock gardens, seasonal flowers, and waterfalls. Some of the larger and more popular parks, like James Gardens and Colonel Samuel Smith Park, are scenically located along the beautiful banks of the Humber River. The Humber College, a polytechnic college, also calls Etobicoke home.

As one of the leading providers of apartment rentals, Etobicoke has long been a favorite place of H & R Property Management to look for and offer properties. We know you’ll love the large streets and quiet cul-de-sacs of Etobicoke, so check our listings today to see if there is an apartment right for you!