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Our Rental Communities in Scarborough, the City with Heart.

If you are looking to enjoy city life from a comfortable distance, Scarborough is the place for you. Just a few kilometres away from Toronto, Scarborough is an incredibly diverse and multicultural area with all the comfort of a suburb. H & R Property Management is proud to offer a wide selection of Scarborough apartments for rent in what is widely considered the greenest area in Toronto.

Outside View of the Building Rental Unit at 1284 Danforth Road
"Apartments for Rent in Scarborough"

A Brief History of Scarborough

From the very beginning, Scarborough has been a place where diverse cultures have come together to make one community. Over 200 years ago, those smaller tribes became rural villages which eventually grew together to comprise the town of Scarborough. Eventually, the city would grow to support and then actually join the nearby city of Toronto, first as a municipal suburb and later as an official part of Toronto.

Why Choose Scarborough?

Today Scarborough continues to be a place of culture and diversity, popular with new immigrants to the Toronto area. With its moderate climate and proximity to Lake Ontario, apartments for rent in Scarborough are often filled by individuals looking for a place that welcomes a wide range of cultures and offers ample park spaces and recreation areas.

Found within the limits of Scarborough are some of the most popular Toronto natural landmarks, including Rouge Park (the largest nature park within the core of a metropolitan area in all of North America) and the Scarborough Bluffs (a majestic cliff formation on the shore of Lake Ontario).

Our team at H & R Property Management is constantly on the lookout for great Scarborough apartments for rent. We go out of our way to find and provide property in this part of Toronto, as we know there are many people looking to live in a place as welcoming and green as Scarborough. Check out our listings for availabilities today to find an apartment in beautiful Scarborough!

H&R Communities in Scarborough​

Address: 1 Antrim Crescent, Toronto,
Ontario, M1P 4P2

Address: 11 Antrim Crescent, Toronto, 
Ontario, M1P 4P3, Canada

Address: 1284 Danforth Road, Toronto, 
Ontario, M1J 1E9

Address: 20 Antrim Crescent, Toronto, Toronto, 
Ontario, M1P 4N3

Address: 2239 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto, 
Ontario, M1K 2N1

Address: 30 Antrim Crescent, Toronto, 
Ontario, M1P 4S4

Address: 41 Antrim Crescent, Toronto, 
Ontario, M1P 4T1

Address: 37 Antrim Crescent, Toronto, 
Ontario, M1P 4T1